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Pozón de los Abuelos is situated in a strategic location. Very close to Tezanos, we have:

The Palacio de Soñanes is the most important example of civil Baroque architecture in Cantabria, which is why it was declared a Cultural Interest Asset in 1981. It was built in the first half of the 18th century on top of a primitive medieval tower of defensive character and feudal origin.

Today, it stands out as a true bastion of the noble architecture of the region. The palace was restored and converted into a hotel in 2001.

In the Plaza de la Colina (Selaya), in front of the bowling alley, we find this 16th-century construction consisting of a central defensive tower dating from the medieval period and a rectangular palace surrounding it.

Such an elaborate facade is notable in Cantabrian architecture of the time and is the most outstanding example of civil architecture in the municipality.

Cabárceno Nature Park is a natural treasure that spans 750 hectares of lush karst landscape and is home to nearly 120 species of animals living in a state of semi-freedom, often exceeding a thousand animals.

This biodiversity oasis is a leading tourist destination with an average influx of visitors exceeding 600,000 people per year.

It is located in Puente Viesgo in the heart of Cantabria, in the Pas River valley.

The mineral-medicinal waters of the spa spring are especially indicated for the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatological problems, as well as psychosomatic issues.

The evergreen basins of the Pas, Pisueña (Carriedo), and Miera rivers perfectly embody the most widespread stereotype of Cantabria: intricate valleys, pastures disappearing beyond mountain ridges, and people of reserved character.

The most important population centers in the area include Liérganes — whose old town has been declared a historic-artistic ensemble — Villacarriedo, and Selaya.

More than a dozen beaches scattered throughout different parts of the city make Santander the ideal destination for beach lovers.

They are characterized by their fine golden sand and landscapes that blend sea and mountains, which will captivate you from the first moment.